These Will Be the 10 Hottest Haircuts of 2016!

March 30, 2016by admin

One of the easiest ways to make a dramatic or not-so-dramatic upgrade is with a pair of scissors. Who’s ready to make the chop? With 2015 being the (second) year of the lob, we spoke to some of our favorite celebrity stylists to find out what the hottest cuts will be this year. And don’t worry, we even break down what to ask for at the salon (so you don’t leave in tears) and how to style your new look once you get home (so it fits your lifestyle). Hint: bangs, bangs, bangs.


Texturized Lob

According to John Barrett stylist Dhiran Mistry, shaggy, choppy shoulder-length hair is it for 2016. Take a cue from celebs like Adele and Emma Watson.

What to ask your stylist for: An effortless, chic trendy haircut that needs little maintenance. Make sure it has lots movement and choppier ends for an “I woke up like this” look.

At-home styling tip: Use a salt or texturizing spray. Curl pieces of hair in opposite directions loosely and shake it out.



Mistry also predicts the shag, a long piecey fringe with lots of medium layers around the face, as seen on Alexa Chung and Taylor Swift, will be a hot cut.

What to ask your stylist for: A trendy, rock-and-roll crop that needs little maintenance. The length needs to be long enough so you can pull it back into a ponytail, though pieces are short enough to fall down in front.

At-home styling tip: On dry hair, spritz a sea salt or texturizing spray from mid-shaft to the ends to give your strands a bit of grit. Then, use a curling iron and loosely coil one to two inch sections in opposite directions and shake out.



Take note from Kate Mara and Lily Collins. According to Juan Carlos, a celebrity stylist at Rita Hazan Salon in NYC, a pixie cut or variation will be the It cut of the year. It should feature short hair around the perimeter of the face with the option of having varying lengths throughout the top, around the ears, and at the nape.

What to ask your stylist for: Think Mia Farrow in Rosemary’s Baby, but to modernize it, keep the same overall length framing the face.

At-home styling tip: Depending on your hair texture, you can use a bit of gel to comb it into the desired direction to create a wet, sleek look, or it can be tousled with your hands and a blow dryer into your desired shape.


Full Fringe

Bangs are back. Eva Scrivo stylist Stephen Thevenot says to expect Bardot bangs inspired by the 1970s like those of Dakota Johnson.

What to ask your stylist for: Add softer fringe for a classic, glamorous look or opt for a blunt bang for an edgier finish. To go with your new fringe, ask for shorter, more textured layers around your face. This style works well with most hair types, especially those with medium to thick or curly hair.

At-home styling tip: Let the hair (including your bangs) air-dry to bring out your natural texture. Then, using a 1 1/2 inch curling iron, wrap the hair in vertical sections varying the direction of the curl, especially around the hairline to keep the style looking fresh and modern.


Curly, Piecey Bob

Cal Ellis, master curl stylist and educator for DevaCurl, says curly haired ladies would take note from country music singer Cam with a playful, piecey bob.

What to ask your stylist for: A blunt angle or wedge cut that is stacked in the back and connected to the front by leaving piecey tendrils. For a funkier look, have your stylist create different lengths in the front.

At-home styling tip: To create a piecey look, define the curls that frame your face. To help encourage definition, use a strong hold styler like DevaCurl’s Ultra Defining Gel($20) and encourage definition by scrunching very tightly from tips towards the root in an upward motion.


Trapezoid Afro

Ellis is also a fan of Solange Knowles’s tapered Afro.

What to ask your stylist for: A cut that is tapered at the bottom, with more weight at the top. The final shape should resemble a heart or diamond.

At-home styling tip: With this cut, you can create several looks by changing up your part, from the side or down the middle to completely hiding it.


Long Bob With Fringe

In 2016, Suave Professional’s celebrity stylist, Marcus Francis, envisions taking the lob a step further by cutting hair to the chin and making it an official bob with added fringe like Jennifer Lawrence and Sienna Miller.

What to ask your stylist for: You want the length of your hair to hit your chin when it’s dry. Ask for a natural, lived-in texturized cut with a shorter layer in a small front section to create “bangs” that are barely there.

At-home styling tip: The ends should stay on the straighter side to maintain the silhouette of the cut. Once dry, rub an oil or finishing cream between your palms and rake your fingers through your hair to give a natural separation to the layers, making the hair feel full.


Curly Afro With Bangs

Songstresses Rihanna, Keke Palmer, and Brandy Norwood are embracing what Dove curl expert Cynthia Alvarez sees as the next big thing: a curly Afro with bangs.

What to ask your stylist for: A dry cut with layers for volume. Your bangs should be cut dry as well to ensure you don’t go too short. This style works for all face shapes as you can contour your face with the layers.

At-home styling tip: Since this look is all about bouncy, healthy curls, hydration is key. Prep hair with nourishing products while still damp to seal in moisture, prevent frizz, and define your curls.

Choppy Layers

What do Rachel Bilson, Emma Stone, and Cameron Diaz all have in common? Layers. Alvarez breaks it down.

What to ask your stylist for: Visible layers. First, figure out how high you want the first layer to be. The most universally flattering layers begin right below the jawline. But these are not the layers of the ’90s “Rachel” cut, as these are choppier and less unified.

At-home styling tip: Rub a small amount of wax between your fingers and work it through the ends of your hair while twisting slightly to accentuate the layers. This lifts the ends to enhance the appearance. If you want a fuller look, add more wax and scrunch the ends upward.


The Model Midi

A medium-length cut that rides the line of short and long hair, more airy than the lob and not as blunt as the bob. According to Jill Engelsen, a senior stylist at Butterfly Studio in NYC, it’s what all the models like Karlie Kloss have been rocking.

What to ask your stylist for: You want a cut that hits at the collarbone with long layers and texturized ends without feathering, because then it can start to look like a shag.

At-home styling tip: Whether you wear this cut curly or straight, keep a little bend in the ends to accentuate the details and soften the style.

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