Spiced Cider Hair Color: The Hottest Trend of Winter 2018

January 24, 2018by admin

When you thought that there couldn’t be a new hair color trend because the hair fashion has already unleashed every possible and impossible shades, a social media announces about the next trend that is bound to spin heads. Get ready to welcome spiced cider hair color, the hottest trend of winter 2018. If your tresses need a winter warm- up this new trend might be just the right thing for you. The color will definitely entice you with its cute and spicy tones. Read on to know more about it.spiced cider hair colorSpiced Cider Hair Color: Actually, what is spiced cider hair color and what shades you need to mix to get the color? Perhaps you are curious to know the answer of these questions. Well, we are here to help you and answer to all your questions. The hair color is a mix of cinnamon copper and blonde highlights even though you still have a chance to experiment with the tones. Allure mentioned that the popular hair colorist tried to paint the large sections of hair with warmer tones before going for those ashy blonde highlights. Indeed, the technique of applying the tones is crucial. You need to find an expert that is familiar with it.

The mix of the shades provide with a ridiculously smooth dye job that will keep you in the center of attention. So, get the color as soon as possible and impress your friends with your new trendy look. Before that, don’t forget to memorize the pictures that we have selected below.Wavy Spiced Cider Hair Color

This mid-length cut and beachy waves are the most fabulous way to show off the dimensional shade. The shade brightens up the wearer’s face. The tones are blended in a way to provide with a seamless color combo. Contrast between dark and light shades is pretty visible but the look is out of harsh lines. It is for those that are into natural-looking shades.
How to maintain the color. Maintenance is the most important thing you need to consider. If you want to keep your shade fresh, use color treatments and shampoos for color treated hair. Ask your hair colorist for the best products. Regular usage of shampoos and treatments will maintain your spiced cider hair color.

Spiced cider is a much-loved hair color that sooner or later is going to be evolved. Let’s wait to see more of this yummy shade.

Source : www.colorstyleguide.com