14 Gorgeous Hair Colors That Will Be Huge in 2018

January 19, 2018by admin

Nude, jewel tones, and chocolate mauve are all going to be big hits.

et to try something new, take a cue from these gorgeous blonde, brunette, red, and multi-tone hair hues.

1 Golden Ombré

For this ombré look to work, make sure you have a very subtle, gradual change of color from the crown of your head to the extra-blonde ends.

2 Salt and Pepper

Salt and pepper hair before you really go grey? Yes, it’s a thing, and yes you can pull it off!

3 Burnt Orange

Part orange, part red, this fiery look will make you feel like Princess Merida from Brave.

4 Bleach-Toned

While this bleached-out color is super hard to maintain, it definitely makes a statement.

Tiger Eye

This stunning look features shades like honey, amber, and soft brown painted with a balayage technique. “Anyone who wears this shade will definitely feel confident,” says George Papanikolas, a Matrix Style Link celebrity colorist. “They will not only have a beautiful color but it’s ever so subtle when it grows out so you don’t have to worry about harsh roots and high maintenance.”

Chocolate Mauve

 The unexpected combination of brown and light pink has been one of the trendiest hues as of late. “This is a great way for brunettes to get a modern take on highlights,” says George.

7 Nude hair

This soft and all natural look is designed to complement your skin tone, and it’s the perfect hue if you’re looking to make a subtle statement.

8 Jewel Tones

This multi-hue look is bold without being as intense as the ultra-vibrant punk colors, says George. Matrix Color Sync Watercolor hair dyes will help you achieve a soft and perfectly blended look.

Baby Blonde

This softer and lighter blonde shade is the perfect source of contrast for your dark winter wardrobe—plus, it even looks radiant next to paler, wintertime complexions.

10 Blondz

No typos here—this is a combination of blonde and bronze, explains Nick Stenson, a celebrity stylist for Matrix Style Link. “On dark hair, this is great for dimension and richness throughout,” the expert says.

11 Strawberry Rose

Want to experiment with red hues without committing to the maintenance most crimson colors require? This pretty option has got you covered.

1Driftwood Lights

 Dark brunettes can play with some lightness too thanks to this eye-catching look that features just a touch of golden color.

13 Bronde

 This unique combination of brown and blonde looks beautiful on everyone. “It fuses the two colors creating a flattering sun kissed end result,” Nick says.