Mens Haircuts and Best Hairstyles for Men

April 11, 2018by admin

Perhaps now is the best time to look for the best mens haircuts in 2018. Most of the cool, trendy mens hairstyles during the early years will likely continue. This means that the most popular mens haircuts styles will most probably be undercuts, fades, pompadours and others.

Furthermore, we can anticipate lots of short sides with longer hair on top on guys haircuts. Also, this can be combined with a low fade or a high fade. In addition to the textured hair on top. One ideal example would be a fade with a slick back hairstyle or a detached pompadour. We have explored the fashion industry in order to be able to give you the newest and trendiest haircuts for men in 2018.

Generally, the trends now are more natural looking hairstyles combined with natural movement and flow. It can be styled with a minimal hold and matte finish. In order to add volume and flow to your hairstyle, just use a blow dryer. Whether you are looking for curly hair mens haircutshipster mens haircutsmedium length mens haircutsmens haircuts for wavy hair, mens soccer haircuts or mens haircuts for thin hair, we’ve got it all covered.

First of all, you should know what are the different types of mens haircuts. At Men’s Stylists, we can help you in communicating with your hairstylist or barber. Also, you can enjoy an excellent haircut. Know the right names of haircut for men before getting one. However, for best result, you can always bring a picture with you and show this to your barber or hairstylist.

Different Types of Mens Haircuts

Buzz Cut – Among all the short mens haircuts, the buzz cut is the most low maintenance mens haircuts. In order to achieve a simple yet stylish look, just tell your barber to cut your hair evenly. In case you want a very short buzz cut then choose a number 1 haircut. This style is quite common among black men.

Crew Cut – Among the classic men’s short haircuts, this one is quite easy to accomplish. Also, it is pretty much suitable for anyone. Just tell your barber that you want a fade on the sides with shorter hair on the back. The top should be in scissor cut. It is essential to leave a few length on top for styling.

Pompadour – This is one of the most traditional haircuts for any man. Simply grow your hair on top. Keep it on a medium length. Furthermore, slick it back using a styling product such as a pomade or a wax. For a modern style, choose a tapered fade on the sides.

Side Part – This is also called as a comb over taper. This type of men haircut is ideal for any occasion. This can be done easily. Simply divide your hair with the use of a comb. Next, pull your hair towards one side.

These are just a few of the common haircuts for men. Now, let’s look at the 101+ Mens Haircuts and Best Hairstyles for Men in 2018.

101+ Mens Haircuts and Best Hairstyles for Men [2018]

1. Mens Short Haircuts

Asian Mens Haircuts

2. Hairstyles For Men

Balding Mens Haircuts

3. Long Messy Hair

Best Mens Haircuts

4. Best Haircuts For Thin Hair

Best Mens Haircuts For Thin Hair

5. Classy Haircut

Classy Mens Haircuts

6. Fade with Pompadour

Cool Mens Haircuts

7. Curly Hair

Curly Hair Mens Haircuts

8. Pompadour

Cute Mens Haircuts

9. High Fade

Different Mens Haircuts

10. Slicked Back Hair

Edgy Mens Haircuts

11. Mens Fashionable Haircuts

Fashionable Mens Haircuts

12. Long Messy Hair with Fade

Good Mens Haircuts

13. High Fade with Loose Pompadour

Gq Mens Haircuts

14. Cropped Fringe Haircut

Great Mens Haircuts

15. Low Fade with Long Fringe

Haircuts For Men

16.  Short Haircuts

Hip Mens Haircuts

17. Cool Haircut

Hipster Mens Haircuts

18. Hot Haircuts For Men

Hot Mens Haircuts

19. Mens Celebrity Haircuts

Images Of Mens Haircuts

20. In Style Haircuts For Men

In Style Mens Haircuts

21. Inspirational Haircuts

Just Mens Haircuts

22. Messy Hair Style

Low Maintenance Mens Haircuts

23. Medium Length Hairstyle

Medium Length Mens Haircuts

24. Low Maintenance Haircuts

Mens Barber Haircuts

25. Mens Barber Haircuts

Mens Business Haircuts

26. Mens Business Haircuts

Mens Cool Haircuts

27. Mens Cool Haircuts

Mens Curly Haircuts

28. Mens Fashion Haircuts

Mens Fashion Haircuts

29. Long Hair on Top

Mens Haircuts

30. Mens Edgy Haircuts

Mens Haircuts Blonde

31. Slicked Back Undercut Hairstyle

Mens Haircuts Comb Over

32. High Fade With Curly Hair

Mens Haircuts Curly

33. Undercut with Long Hair

Mens Haircuts Curly Hair

34. Wavy Hair on Top

Mens Haircuts Fade

35. Low Fade

Mens Haircuts For Curly Hair

36. Men’s Haircuts For Fine Hair

Mens Haircuts For Fine Hair

37. Men’s Haircuts For Oval Faces

Mens Haircuts For Oval Faces

38. Low Fade with Piercing

Mens Haircuts For Round Faces

39. Black Men’s Haircut

Mens Haircuts For Straight Hair

40. Low Fade With Curls on Top

Mens Haircuts For Thick Hair

41. Classic Pompadour

Mens Haircuts For Thin Hair

42. Classic Short Haircut

Mens Haircuts For Wavy Hair

43. Thick Hair Quiff

Mens Haircuts Long

44. Fade With Long Hair On Top

Mens Haircuts Long On Top

45. Fade with Long Natural Curls on Top

Mens Haircuts Long On Top Short On Sides

46. Long Messy Hair on Top

Mens Haircuts Names

47. Asian Hairstyle

Mens Haircuts Over 50

48. Undercut With Messy Hair On Top

Mens Haircuts Pinterest

49. Side Comb Over

Mens Haircuts Receding Hairline

50. Messy Hairstyle With Beard

Mens Haircuts Round Face

51. Long Thick Quiff

Mens Haircuts Shaves Sides Long Top

52. Undercut with Medium Length Hair on Top

Mens Haircuts Short

53. Mens Short Haircuts

Mens Haircuts Short Fade

54. Textured Haircut

Mens Haircuts Short Hair

55. Short Sides With Side Quiff

Mens Haircuts Straight Hair

56. Modern Fade Haircut

Mens Haircuts Styles

57. Mens Summer Haircuts

Mens Haircuts Summer

58. Undercut With Thick Hair On Top

Mens Haircuts Thick Hair

59. Skin Fade With Spike

Mens Haircuts Thin Hair

60. Pompadour With Beard

Mens Haircuts Wavy Hair

61. Skin Fade With Long Hair On Top

Mens Haircuts With Bangs

62. Long Curly Hair On Top

Mens Haircuts With Beards

63. Cool Hairstyle For Curly Hair

Mens Haircuts With Lines

64. Low Fade Haircut

Mens Hipster Haircuts

65. Low Fade With Side Part

Mens Long Haircuts

66. High Fade

Mens Medium Haircuts

67. Men’s Classic Haircuts

Mens Modern Haircuts

68. Trendy Haircut With Tattoo

Mens Mohawk Haircuts

69. Stylish Haircut

Mens New Haircuts

70. New Haircut For Men

Mens Parted Haircuts

71. Slicked Back

Mens Quiff Haircuts

72. Men’s Modern Haircuts

Mens Short Haircuts

73. Mens Spiky Haircuts

Mens Short Haircuts For Thick Hair

74. Men’s Short Haircuts With Beards

Mens Short Haircuts With Beards

75. Medium Textured Haircut

Mens Soccer Haircuts

76. Short Hairstyle with Thick Beard

Mens Spiky Haircuts

77. Quiff Haircut

Mens Stylish Haircuts

78. Skin Fade With Beard

Mens Trending Haircuts

79. Low Fade With Curly Hair On Top

Mens Wavy Haircuts

80. Side Part With Beard

Modern Mens Haircuts

81. Messy Hairstyle With Beard

Modern Mens Haircut

82. Fade With Medium Curly Hair On Top

Most Popular Mens Haircuts

83. Undercut With Long Hair On Top

Names Of Mens Haircuts

84. Medium Textured Haircut

New Mens Haircuts

85. Medium Textured Hair On Top

New Style Mens Haircuts

86. Side Part With Beard

Older Mens Haircuts

87. Old School Men’s Haircuts

Old School Mens Haircuts

88. High Fade With Long Fringe

Pinterest Mens Haircuts

89. Slicked Back Men’s Haircut

Popular Mens Haircuts

90. Men’s Soccer Haircuts

Quality Mens Haircuts

91. Short Sides With Quiff

Short Mens Haircut

92. Side Part Hairstyle

Short Mens Haircuts

93. Stylish Men’s Haircuts

Stylish Mens Haircuts

94. Short Hairstyle With Tattoo

Thick Hair Mens Haircuts

95. Superb Side Part Hairstyle

Top Mens Haircut

96. Mens Unique Hairstyle

Top Mens Haircut

97. Awesome Haircut For Men

Trendy Mens Haircuts

98. Modern Hairstyle For Men

Types Of Mens Haircuts

99. Pompadour With Beard

Unique Mens Haircuts

100. Modern Slicked Back

Vintage Mens Haircuts

101. Young Men’s Haircuts

Young Mens Haircuts

Best Hairstyles for Men

There are lots of trendy men’s haircuts nowadays. Sometimes the old ones are updated to obtain a fresher look.

Spiky Hairstyle – This is well-known during the 90s. Now, it seems that it’s having a comeback. In order to get this messy hairstyle, you need to apply a bit of wax on your hair. Next, create spikes by using your hands and fingers.

Curly Hairstyle – If you’ve got natural curls then it’s best to embrace it rather than controlling it. Just keep it relatively short. This is because it would be easier to maintain if it’s not too much.

Slick Back Hairstyle – This is one of the best hairstyles for any man who wants to look formal. Simply utilize a wet styling product such as pomade. Next, use a comb and pull your hair all the way to the back. Just keep it neat and tidy. It is also perfect for any occasion.

Side Part Pompadour – Pompadour can also work on shorter hair. However, it’s best if it’s grown out. In order to create a twist to your classic hairstyle, simply tell your barber that you want an undercut fade haircut. Pull your hair on one side to achieve a modern look.

Hairstyles With Bangs – Sometimes bangs can complement to any hairstyle. Most of all, it can soften your look. It is a cute element that can make any hairstyle look awesome. Whether you want spiky bangs or regular bangs, it can create a stylish fringe.

The Evolution of Mens Haircuts

Mens hairstyles have evolved throughout the years. It has gone a long, long way. In the early 1950’s, men are seen with clean cut, slicked hairstyles. During the late 50’s, the pompadour hairstyle of Elvis Presley become a hit. The 1960’s was the period of the hippies. It was dominated by the classic styles of The Beatles. The 1970’s was probably the most compelling period. During this era, there are lots of hair products that were sold in the market. It paves the way to crazy styles that became popular.

The explosion of men’s long haircuts probably started in the 1980’s. It was during this era that the rock stars show off their longer hairstyles. The 1990’s was an extraordinary period for most people. This is because it is dominated by boy bands wearing spiky hairstyles. It was during the early part of 2000 where we have seen shaggy mop top, faux-hawks and blowout hairstyles. Undercuts, top knots, and man buns became popular in the latter part of 2000. So what’s next?


Finally, after knowing the common types of men’s haircuts, you can now communicate well with your barber or stylist. In addition, you can achieve the exact type of haircut that you want. Furthermore, we suggest that you should take a photo with you since some barbers may have a diverse interpretation.

Hence, next time that you are going to visit your barber, feel confident in requesting for the haircut that you want. Whether you are looking for a classic haircut or something entirely different, it’s essential that you understand how to ask for it. Since there is a huge variety of popular mens haircuts, sometimes it can be confusing. Especially if you want to know the difference between these hairstyles. For as long as you have done your research, you’ll recognize exactly what you desire. Just give it some time.

When visiting a barber, it’s important to have a particular hairstyle in mind. In case you desire a fade, you must recognize the grade that you desire. Fade and taper are the same. Yet fade goes all the way down to the skin. When choosing a barber or a stylist, take into account his reputation as well as your budget.

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