More often than not, celebrities’ biggest expenses are those that make them look and stay beautiful. They invest in personal trainers, full-facial treatments, plastic surgery, and of course, hairstylists to give them gorgeous-looking tresses.

Here’s how much these moneyed folks spend per haircut to get locks to die for. The list doesn’t include those who spent on contingency expenses, like the airfare of the stylist (e.g. Sultan of Brunei) or the haircut cost being part of the actor’s talent fee (e.g. Anne Hathaway in Les Miserables). It takes into account how much the celebrity paid for the actual haircut and other services that came with the appointment.

Jennifer Lopez $400

Hers is the cheapest among the most expensive haircuts, spending $400 a week to maintain her lustrous mane. But for a mere trim off the ends by Jennifer Lopez’s exclusive hairstylist Oribe, $400 is no small amount! To add to that, Oribe is the only hairstylist who can touch J-Lo’s hair. She doesn’t trust anyone else to do the job to her liking.

Justin Bieber: $750