50 Teen Haircuts For Summer

March 2, 2018by admin

Creativity is at its peak during these youthful years which explains the extra bout of energy which the young people always have. There are umpteen hairstyles that teens can sport. From copying the famous celebrity styles to creating their own, teens are often successful in creating a different style for themselves. The zeal to stand out in the crowd and have an edgy presence leads to exemplary results.

Here are 50 different teen haircuts for summer which you can try out this season. The styles will just make you ‘the one’ in the crowd.

1. The Vintage Cut:


Image: Getty

Taylor Swift has been a teen icon for having her own unique style. The chic bob which she wears has a vintage touch to it. The short inward curled bob with wavy layered bangs has a flawless vintage shine.

2. The Sleek Taylor Cut:


Image: Getty

Taylor Swift again wears a sleek and straight version of her wavy layered bob. This is one of the coolest summer hairstyles for teenage girls to try. Use a good hairspray to keep the style in place.

3. The Subtle Tousled Waves:


Image: Getty

Chloe Grace wears this subtly tousled bob which is of shoulder length. The style has a casual essence with uneven edges which gives a funky appeal.

4. Big Voluminous Curls:


Image: Getty

The voluminous curls style sported by teen actress Zendaya Coleman is sexy and elegant. The long length tight curls styled in a side part mode are simply pleasing to the eye. The big earrings complement the style and enhance the hairdo.

5. Very Short Brunette Ear Length Bob:


Image: Getty

The very short ear length bob has a subtly tousled effect and is very convenient to wear. The style is perky and cute. The whimsical wavy bang with edgy layers adds a unique twirl to the whole hairdo. The bright pink lips just accentuate the hairdo.

6. Very Tousled Uneven Edged Short Bob:


Image: Getty

This very tousled uneven edged short bob is sexy and stylish. The hairdo curled with the tousled and textured effect for a quirky cheerful style.

7. Dry Tousled Waves:


Image: Getty

The messy hairdo involves curls in chaos and edgy bangs in perky pandemonium. The hairdo refuses to have a defined shape and makes a statement with vibrant bedraggled curls.

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8. Backcombed Sleek Waves with Fine Bangs:


Image: Getty

The backcombed straight waves teamed with very fine bangs give a sleek and neat touch to the elegant hairdo.

9. Frivolous Front Bangs With Sleek Braid:

Frivolous Front Bangs with Sleek Braid

Image: Getty

Dress up the simple braid with perky thick wild bangs. Sport the thin braid on one side and let the bangs glam up the hairdo. Combine this young style with deep kohl rimmed eyes and soft lips.

10. Straight Shoulder Length Bob:

Straight Shoulder Length Bob

Image: Getty

Emma Watson wears this dark brown straight bob with ease and grace. The hairdo consists of even razor cut edges. The style confirms to her personality as much to her looks. The actress displays a serene demeanour with this unruffled style.

11. Short and Sleek:


Image: Getty

The round dark brown bob with thinner edges again displays a calm and neat touch to the whole style. The bob is worn with a side part and finely chopped side swept bangs contouring the face.

12. The Edgy Ombre Pixie:


Image: Getty

The edgy ombre pixie is stylish and smart. The hairdo boasts of affirming your beliefs and confidently moving in your desired direction. The edgy trimmed bangs at the front give more detail to the ombre pixie.

13. Tousled Dark Brown Wavy Bob:


Image: Getty

The dark brown tousled wave gives a casual textured feel to the hairdo. The side parted hairdo has the untailored chic essence to it.

14. Spiral Curled Tousled Bob:


Image: Getty

Wavy spiral edges bob with the bangs tucked away behind the ears gives a very unfussy and sporty element to the hairdo.

15. Medium Length Wavy Hairdo:


Image: Getty

Trim the long tresses to just below the shoulders with even edges. The trimmed hair can be backcombed with a side part and have the wavy subtle tousled touch to the simple hairdo.

16. Straight and Tousled:


Image: Getty

The straight and tousled haircut is accentuated by the yellow shimmery patterned headband. The style has gets a different touch because of the headband.

17. Boyish Looking Bob:


Image: Getty

Kirsten Stewart wears this edgy pixie with flipped back bangs. The long wavy bangs are combed backwards for a neat and chic style.

18. The Ruffled Banged Pixie:


Image: Getty

This particular pixie consists of ruffled bangs and tousled trimmed hair. The ruffled bangs are roughly flipped back for messy neat style at the front. Use a good hair product to keep the hairstyle in place.

19. Red Flamed Waves:


Image: Getty

This particular pixie its wavy bangs dyed in orange with messy edges contouring the wavy bangs. The pixie is dyed in dual tone. The unlikely coupled colour gives the pixie a punk and vivacious style.

20. Medium Length in Red:


Image: Getty

The red flamed back combed wavy hairdo is sexy with a very messy flair. The hairstyle has a windy and wild essence to it. The hair is in medium length with curled edges.

21. Neat Tucked Away Bob:


Image: Getty

The neat bob is tucked away for a neat and smart style. The style is edgy and attractive at the same time.

22. Trimmed Sleek Layered Edges:


Image: Getty

Selena Gomez wears this style with a side part which consists of finely trimmed layered edges. The style is super sleek and sexy.

23. Side Swept Short Bob:


Image: Getty

This short side swept bob has tousled edges with wavy side swept bangs. The style is dressed in ombre colours.

24. The Shiny Bob With Tousled Curls:


Image: Getty

The shiny textured bob with a side part and backcombed bangs gives a classic and chic look. The shoulder length bob is styled with curled edges with a slight tousled feel. The cut and style blend in symphony.

25. The Black A Line Bob With a Side Part:


Image: Getty

The A line bob here has a side part which makes it different from the usual A line bobs. The hairdo here is teamed with subtle wavy touch and of course the side part which make it completely different.

26. Chopped Blonde Steppes:


Image: Getty

The hairdo here consists of chopped blonde hair in steppes with a tousled touch. The bangs are tucked behind the hairdo for a messy neat style.

27. Spiky Pixie Hairdo:


Image: Getty

The spiky cut is edgy and punky . Notice the sharp spike like bangs which emerge out from everywhere. This pixie is sure to make you stand out.

28. Sleek Long Bob:


Image: Getty

This long bob style can be worn with a side part. The style is characterized by long sleek bangs in black-brown shade.

29. Blunt Spiked Pixie:


Image: Getty

The blunt spiked pixie gives a punk and rockstar style to this hairdo.

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30. Sleek Long Tresses in Dual Layers:


Image: Getty

The style consists of the long tresses cut in dual layers which subtly stand out. The sleek shiny touch given to the dual tone gives a very flawless effect.

31. Short Layered Shaggy Bob:


Image: Getty

The multi layered short bob with a very shaggy effect. The style is has layers on one side with a side part which contours the face beautifully.

32. Blunt Tousled Bob:


Image: Getty

The blunt tousled bob with side swept bangs is chic and stylish. The hairdo suits perfectly for young teens or older teens alike. The style and cut is young and fresh.

33. Fringed in Medium Length:


Image: Getty

The full fringes which cover the forehead almost touch the eye look perfect with long tousled red flamed waves.

34. Straight Fringes and Layers:


Image: Getty

The fringes bow out with fine bangs contouring the face. The fine bangs are again teamed with layers which blend in the sleek style.

35. Black Fringed Very Short Bob:


Image: Getty

This bob cut is extremely crisp and elegant. The haircut length is very short with a trimmed uneven edged fringe at the front. Smart and formal!

36. Long Tousled and Curled Layers:


Image: Getty

Trim the hair in layers and then roll them in spiral curl. The tousled hairdo is dressed for innocence personified playful style.

37. Three Layered Fringe With Subtle Fine Layers:


Image: Getty

The blonde haircut involves a fringe divided into three layers which makes the fringe less dense. The fringe is teamed with fine extremely sleek layers which blend easily into each other.

38. Short Trimmed Fringe:


Image: Getty

The long tresses with feather like trimmed fringes give an exclusive detail to the long straight hair.

39. Blonde Hairdo With Finely Chopped Bangs:


Image: Getty

Blonde Hairdo with fine chopped bangs and petite bang side swept along with the done side part.

40. The Messy Jagged Style:


Image: Getty

Ellie Goulding again sports a shaggy and jagged cut style dyed in platinum shade. The hair is swept to one side to give more shape to the haircut.

41. Long Straight With Fringes:


Image: Getty

Naomi Campbell wears this sleek and long hair do with trimmed eye brow hugging fringe. The hair is even edged and ironed straight with all the precision!

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42. Long Ombre Evenly Trimmed With Fringes:


Image: Getty

The style again includes finely cut thin layers teamed with layered fringe. The deeply ombre edges stand out giving a distinct tone to the style.

43. Finely Chopped Layers in Steppes:


Image: Getty

Sleek blonde layers with very fine straight fringes; the style is given shape by the finely cut layers in steppes.

44. Fine Fork Like Bangs With Curly Bob:


Image: Getty

The style includes curly bob which is teamed with fork like fine bangs. These bangs gives a distinct appeal to the curly shoulder length bob.

45. Thick Tresses:


Image: Getty

This is one of the cute summer hairstyles for teens which consists of neat side swept bangs with thick wavy layers. The haircut is perfect for long thick tresses.

46. Long Side Swept Bangs:


Image: Getty

The long side swept bangs give a different look to the wavy layered blonde bob. The hairdo has a very chic and classy appeal.

47. The Chestnut Brown Blunt Bob:


Image: Getty

The extremely short chestnut brown blunt bob is incredibly attractive and stylish.

48. Short Blunt Bob With Pink Shades:


Image: Getty

The black- dark pink tinted blunt bob is stylish and funky. The haircut gives a young and vivacious impression.

49. Sleek Side Swept Banged Bob:


Image: Getty

This short bob with sleek side swept bang gives a very edgy and smart appeal. The style is pretty and elegant.

50. Wavy Messy Bob:



Image: Getty

The bob with messy wavy hair loses all its sleekness and precision. Instead it gives a soft and tender appeal to the personality.

We have listed out 50 teen haircuts for summer, if you have more suggestion do let us know. We deeply appreciate reader feedback. Do not forget to comment below after reading the article.

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