Fall Winter hair trends 2017-2018: side or middle parting?

February 1, 2018by admin

This is a yearly challenge, every year it’s a battle to the last brush standing, but this time around, it is very hard to pick a winner. Hair trends for Fall Winter 2017-2018 actually do see the triumph of middle parting styles, but only by just a few points over side partings .

MIDDLE PARTING comes with very romantic hair styles this season that are often characterised by soft waves and vintage vibes. Beach waves — as long as they are not too messy — also work with this styling, making us look sophisticated and attentive to our look. The idea is to recreate the waves you get after just after you undo a braid: so, get your round brushes and curling wands ready, prepare all your good will, and get ready to get inspired by the looks seen on the DiorAlberta Ferretti and Zadig & Voltaire shows.

As for SIDE PARTING STYLES, they come in two different versions: the first one focuses on movement and volume, and looks very dynamic, while the second is all about precision. In the first case, the parting might look a little messy, but actually, your mane will be well set, in order not to look entirely wild, as shown by Max Mara and Wunderkind. In the second case, the line is so straight it almost seems like it was traced by a marker: your hair will be perfectly parted, with the extra help of a product, such as wax or hairspray. Jour/Ne even highlights the parting by coloring it red.

So, we can all take a deep breath and relax: no matter whether we are fans of side or middle partings, we will always look cool. And if we feel like it, we could even try to change how we part our hair: this is actually very good for you, as it will make your hair and scalp a lot healthier. We know that middle partings are usually recommended for those of us with a very round or square jawline, and we also know that side partings work well for those of us with a long, oval face… But why not just completely overhaul our look for once? There are no rules: the only rule is to do what you feel comfortable with.