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Since the winter season has arrived and the days are significantly colder, it’s an ideal opportunity to begin considering approaches to protect our hair from the harm that the winter element can cause.

Everyone loves a great hairstyle, but it can be a challenge to take care of it in extreme weather and temperatures. Unless you spend the whole of winter indoors, you would want some workable hair solutions to care for your hair at all times. Keeping your hair moist is very important as your moisture can be easily lost in windy and hot conditions, making it dry and brittle, and tending to break easily. When there is a change of extreme temperatures, hydrating it is crucial to keep it in good health, such as in the case of entering a warm environment from the outside cold. Here are five hints that will enable you to keep up Healthy and lovely hair this winter season.

  • One extremely straightforward tip is to wear a head warmer when as it keeps your hair secured from the breeze, rain, and snow. But with recent knowledge and experience, not every lady wants the “dreaded cap or hat hair.” An awesome approach to evade this is to wrap your hair in a silk scarf before putting on your comfortable, wool beanie. This shields your hair from arm caused by the cap rubbing against your hair and it additionally trims down on the static.

Hair Tips for Winter

  • Amid the winter months, it’s an extraordinary plan to treat your hair once in seven days to a profound molding treatment. This will renew the dampness, which has a tendency to get exhausted from things, for example, the dry warmth in your condo and the frosty winter air.
  • I additionally find in the event that you can continue washing your hair to a base, say a few times each week, this will keep your hair from drying out excessively. Also, dependably ensure you dry your hair before going out. Because you will get an icy, as well as the dampness in your hair joined with the frosty air, will add additional harm to your hair by making it weaker and dry.
  • Normal trims are an extraordinary approach to keep your hair healthy amid the winter a very long time too — each six to two months, simply get a light cleaning of the closures to help lessen the shot of dry, split ends.

Hair Tips for Winter

  • One startling mystery to keep your hair looking great in the winter is to put resources into a humidifier. I know you’re suspecting that dampness rises to bunch up hair, yet when you have the warmth on, the air in your flat turns out to be extremely dry and I discover the humidifier helps prevent your hair and skin from feeling dry. The fundamental issue with the humidifier is that they’re not extremely pleasant looking. I as of late found an awesome one by Middle that looks chic and works extraordinarily.

Special techniques for your hair in winter

To avoid causing brittleness, always use the medium temperature when using the dryer; not using it is a better option, although this may be hard for many. As moisture is lost from your hair in extreme weather conditions, blow drying increases the damage. Dry and brittle hair is the end result. This goes too for the flat and curling irons.

Frequent hair washing is helpful in extreme weather conditions, although many think otherwise. They prefer to put on a cap or hat to cover their hair while some wear a scarf over their hair, all of which causes a high increase of sebum in your hair. It is more advisable to wash your hair frequently to remove the sebum and dirt sticking onto your hair, and eliminate the possibility of scalp problems like dandruff and an itchy scalp.

The winter months can put your hair and scalp under a lot of stress. Here are some good hair techniques to keeping your hair and scalp healthy during winter.


Hint 1: Keep your hair and scalp hydrated

Make sure to condition your hair on a weekly basis using conditioners which include glycerin or other humectants. Humectants keep the moisture in your hair, making sure that your hair does not get dry during the wintertime. There are plenty of beauty products and hair conditioners that are available to purchase online which will serve that exact purpose and are tailored to your specific hair types. Also using Hot oil treatments with Coconut Oil and Argan Oil can greatly affect the hydration of your hair and scalp. As well as this make sure to drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated. A hydrated mind makes a hydrated scalp!

Hint 2: Swap your styling gel for a cream

Lotions are a much better alternative then gels when it comes to styling your hair all through the winter months! Lotions are known to increase the hair’s moisture making it far more soft and bouncy, This helps reduce the frequency of your hair drying out.

Hint 3: Stay away from hair products with high alcohol content on products

You may not realize this but alcohol can dry out your hair and even leave it dry and dull. For that reason, it is essential to avoid gels/sprays with an elevated level of alcohol. Also,  it is suggested to avoid applying perfumes and aftershaves directly onto your hair as the alcohol levels in them are high.

Hint 4: Decrease hair dryer use

Blow dryers are known for harming your hair. Specialists suggest to generally decrease their use so that you don’t significantly damage your roots. There is a great way to decrease the period of time your damp hair stays under a blow dryer and that would be to, first of all, make sure you blot out your hair with a bath towel to get rid as much water as possible. Next, use your hair dryer to complete the task, ceasing the instant your hair is no longer wet. It might be tempting in the colder months to turn the water temperature up, but try to avoid washing your hair in very hot water – use warm or cool water to make sure damage is avoided.

Hot water can dry out your hair and damage the delicate skin on your scalp, which may be extra sensitive during the winter and always take the extra time to blow-dry your hair or let it dry naturally before going outside. During the cold period your hair might take a long time to dry up – and if your hair freezes, you would have to bear the risk hair breakage.

Hint 5: Using Natural Shampoo

Natural hair products are now more easy to come across in 2017. Organic hair shampoos and conditioners are especially better to go for during the winter season. Organic products and oils such as Shea butter and Coconut Oil, which also happens to be excellent for the skin, can do miracles for even the driest, most damaged hair. Most stylists use oil to recover unhealthy hair.

Hint 6: Protective styling

Using your fingers to comb and twirl your hair, as fun and distracting as it is to do this, It tends to not do your hair any form of good. Actually, if you continuously do this your hair will only absorb the moisture from it. You should aim to not use hair devices such as hair dryers and hair curling accessories, this is due to the warmth as it can dry out your hair and also your scalp. Utilize defensive styles like the best bunch, meshes, or some other haircuts that successfully shield your hair from your own self! This will also make it easier to stop your hair from drying out.

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