Hair Color Trends 2017 – Winter

November 14, 2017by admin

A single visit to the beauty salon will be enough to change your appearance and attitude towards others. Do you want to look at your best? Remember that real beauty comes from hereditary genes, therefore, the 2017 main hair colors trend is naturalness.

Next seasons are characterized namely by naturalness, therefore, what the fair sex have to do is to follow the daily news and manage to enjoy their infinite beauty. At the moment, stylists and hairdressers offers a lot of hair coloring techniques, current shades and combinations thereof. But how to choose from all this variety the one that suits us? Continue reading this material and the choice will be obvious.

Hair color trends 2017

Blonde Shades

This season, blondes will look particularly nice. Appetizing shades, including shade of wheat, strawberries and honey, which are extremely popular. These colors reflect certain delicacy, charm and lightness.


2017 Blonde hair trends

What hair color to do in 2017

Golden blonde shades ideas

blonde celebrities


Stylists are attracted not only by the warm shades, but also by cool shades. The so-called Nordic blond is very current. Noble shades of platinum, silver and gold stylists recommend mixing using ombre technique.


Another favorite of this range of shades can be considered the gray color that makes your hair look incredibly stylish. In addition, it has no age limit: the shade fits both young and older ladies.

Hair color trends 2017 gray


Gray blonde shades



Strawberry blonde is a trend of the year 2017. Bright shades of wheat with pink hair strands make the image look incredibly soft and delicate, this is what most ladies want today.

Strawberry blond hair dyeing

pink blonde

Best hair color patterns 2017

Chestnut-brown, brunettes and redheads – choosing the most stylish shades

As this season the natural beauty is very actual, then we recommend choosing chestnut-brown shades. Brown, gold, wheat grain color shades are in great demand. It is important to choose that product coloring, which gives hair an evenly shine throughout hair length.


Cold shades of chestnut-brown are also actual, but you must be careful because it is very difficult to get that perfect shade of gray-brown and not every stylist can do his job well.

Cold chestnut-brown hair

2017 chestnut-brown hair color trends


chocolate brown


light chestnut-brown


If you’re a brunette, then it’s not the case to be sad. For owners of this hair color hair stylists have prepared dazzling colors, giving them alike names: cinnamon, chocolate and truffles.

hair color trends 2017 for brunettes

Best hair color suitable for brunettes



Owners of a red hair are also lucky because this season bright shades of orange disappeared without trace. Now faded reddish colors are fashionable: slightly bleached, but not “sun burnt”. In this case, ladies must choose shades of bronze and gold.

What hair color have red-haired girls in 2017

dark reddish ideas

hair color trends 2017 for red-haired



Hair Coloring Techniques 2017

Bright shades remained in the last season, being replaced by warmer and more delicate shades, expressed by the most unexpected coloring techniques. One of the current technique is ombre/sombre.

The specific of ombre coloring technique is that for the color change are used two or three colors, both in a shade and in many. Important is the contrast between colors. The more expressive it is, the more refined the hair looks. The transition line is not always invisible.

The sombre technique on the contrary, requires the color gradual transition from one shade to another.

The coloring uniqueness lies in its universality: it fits for absolutely every woman, regardless of age and hair length. In addition, you have the opportunity to create all sorts of interesting hairstyles: bun, which blends different colors and gives the image a special charm and originality, and various braids (fishtail braid, French braid, etc.).

Here we list the colors that have become a must-have of 2017:

  • light chestnut;
  • blonde;
  • dark chocolate;
  • dark chestnut.

Each shade has its range, which we have to analyze in greater detail.

hair colors for 2017 ombre



ombre medium hair length

ombre hair colouring 2017


celebrities with somber hair






ombre brunettes




Hair strands dyeing, adored techniques in new variations

Also, hair dyeing in bright contrasting strands, returned again among hair colors trends in 2017, but in a totally new presentation. Bright combinations have been forgotten and the coloring technique has changed completely.

Today fashion is just naturalness, that’s why, when choosing this hair coloring technique you may opt for those additional nuances that are closest to your hair color spectrum. For example, light chestnut-brown+ wheat grain color+copper. Such coloring allows ladies to look stylish without ever damaging the hair structure. Dyeing hair strands with minimal contrasts allows creating a sleek and healthy hair. Special attention is given to tips coloring.

This coloring technique is very famous, this giving rise to many other techniques, including dyeing hair strands in Californian style. The particularity of this coloring type is the effect of sun burnt hair. This trick looks very nice on brown haired and brunettes, as well as on owners of a purplish hue hair.

Owners of blonde and brown hair are urged by stylists to use the shatush hair coloring technique. This combines the ombre style and California hair dye. The effect of sun burnt hair is obtained by using another coloring technique, balayage. The specific of this technique is only its special way of applying the product on hair the rest resembles the shatush technique.

hair strand coloring trend 2017



shatush for blonde and brown hair

What hair color to wear in 2017

balayage hair dyeing

The rule of choosing the right color

All that a girl needs to know when choosing the right hair color is how it matches her skin tone. Thus, owners of a light complexion, stylists urge the shade of platinum blonde. This highlights the beauty of “cold” owner. If your skin is like white snow, then do not be afraid of contrasts: the color of chocolate and cinnamon definitely will highlight this feature.

If you are the owner of a slightly yellow skin, then you may opt for brown shades. This will make you look amazing. Why? Because in 2017, this shade is considered the standard of naturalness. In addition, you will not have to limit yourself only a monochromatic coloring: opt for Californian hair coloring, shatush or bronding. Do not forget about ombre, which is ideal for brown hair.

If you want to have a red hair, then you have to choose the shade very carefully. Fashionable are shades of faded red, not strident. In addition, it is not necessary to tend to get a rusty hue (mixing shades, as in the case of Californian hair coloring). Redheads ladies should opt for monochromatic options.

Naturalness is the best thing that could have been invented for women!

If previously, to create a modern look we had to use all kinds of colors, neon, coloring strands in shades of contrast, then today, the feminine image is approached with more responsibility. Namely naturalness is the main asset of feminine beauty that has to be revealed and for getting the desired result, specialists are offering us a wide range of shades and colors.

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