6 Top Hairstyles To Be Trendy In 2018

November 8, 2017by admin

Running a bit ahead of time, we will consider today the main trends for hairstyles 2018. Well, for sure we still have ahead the fall and winter 2017 season hair ideas to elaborate and implement. But why not to consider what can be trendy there awaiting us ahead. Actually, basing on what we know now about winter tendencies, it is not very complicated to guess the future looks that will win hearts and podiums and red carpets. So here we go to see the 6 major hair ideas that you need to know now.

#1 top knots

top knot hairstyles 2018
high knot
half top knot hairstyles 2018
half knots

What we know about top knots is that they are popular. Indeed, the high casual and messy tails have become the number one styles, we have at hand for any situation. Sometimes it is half up half down knot that allows to show off the hair length and texture. Sometimes it is casual high knot to conceal bad hair days. In other cases, it is the classy look with high slicked sumo knot.

#2 low ponytails with black bows

Rochas low ponytail hairstyles 2018
Rochas FW17
Tory Burch hairstyles 2018
Tory Burch FW17

One of the casual hairstyles taken to runways is the ponytail. More exactly the low relaxed one. Actually, it is is all about the cutest hair accessories we saw on designer shows in Paris and New York – the velvet ribbons and bows. Sure, with such refined piece the most ordinary look will convert into something more.

#3 trendy cornrows

cornrows hairstyles 2018
Balmain cornrow braids hairstyles 2018
Balmain FW17

It is not necessary to mention how forever trendy are the braids. However. it is worthy tp state which style will be be ruling hairstyles 2018. The very recent runways shows of Balmain for fall 2017 collections introduced cornrows. Three tight brads and slicked sides ending in a low tail. Obviously, this is a trend.

#4 mid part hairstyles 2018

middle part hairstyles 2018
center parts
Rosie Huntington-Whiteley wavy lob hairstyles 2018
Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Meanwhile others will be thinking of styling hair, you can just make a correct center parting and look in style. This is simple, this is popular.

#5 slicked back wet hair trends

Kendall Jenner slicked hairstyles 2018
Kendall Jenner slicked style
wet effect hairstyles 2018
wet hair

Here comes the trend that has no intentions to leave the world of hair fashion. The wet and slicked styles are coming back each time, slightly updated, yet always sensual.

#6 wavy bob hairstyles for 2018

Rachel McAdams Wavy Bob hairstyles 2018
Rachel McAdams
wavy bob hairstyles 2018
best wob hairstyles

The obvious hair trend for 2018 is the bob cut in all its possible variations, Well, maybe some styles like angled bob will not be as trendy as before. On the contrary, causal wavy bob, aka wob hairstyle, will be extra fashionable.

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