5 Haircuts That Make Fine Hair Look So Much Fuller

October 18, 2017by admin

There’s no photo filter that can instantly transform fine strands into a thick-and-full head of hair, but you can add body to your hair with the right cut.

Juan Carlos Maciques, celebrity hairstylist at Rita Hazan Salon in New York, recommends avoiding cuts that are too layered or shaggy because they can end up looking straggly. While having fine hair does limit what styles you can choose from, there are a number of cuts that can enhance your hair and help it appear thicker and fuller.

Whether you like a longer length or you’re looking to go short, we turned to Maciques to find out what the best haircuts are for fine hair.



If you want to keep your hair long, Maciques recommends sticking at or above a mid-chest length because hair tends to thin itself out as it grows past this point. “There are different densities of fine hair that contributes to what you can or cannot do, but a blunt cut is typically best if you are going to grow it long,” he says.



If you want a fuss-free shorter cut, Maciques says that a pixie is your best bet. “A pixie is an ideal option and also timeless in its appeal,” he explains. “Think Michelle Williams or Mia Farrow in the classic film, Rosemary’s Baby. It’s a great way to camouflage fine hair.



Have fine strands and finally ready to take the plunge and get bangs? Good news, a fringe works well with your hair type. “Bangs create a distraction by diverting the eye. It gives fullness to the front where the eye automatically goes at first glance and instinctively,” he says. “It’s rather genius.” Noted. Opt for a pair of soft, curtain, eye-grazing bangs like Alexa Chung’s. This bang gives you a few styling options. You can part them in the middle or push them off to the side.



An asymmetrical bob is a great way to add texture and body to fine hair. “A layered, graduated bob is also a great option. It’s playful and puts the texture at its best potential since layering at this length now works to give movement to the hair,” explains Maciques. “Adding different lengths and piecing it doesn’t compromise the texture.” The stylist says that covering the bob length to the cheekbone level as opposed to the chin and tapering the back short will also help you achieve the effect. A  slightly grown-out version of this cut is Taraji P. Henson’s sleek style. The Empire star has also worn the same look at the cheekbone level, too. Consider that proof that the cut is extremely versatile.



It’s true: the blunt lob or bob, aka haircuts of the summer, are flattering for fine hair, too. “The more geometric and blunt you make these cuts, the fuller the density appears,” explains Maciques. “It’s not about adding layers for volume but on the contrary, it’s more about keeping the bottom looking dense and therefore seeming thicker.”

A set of bangs can take the on-trend style to the next level.  “Adding bangs [like Bella Hadid’s] to these lengths is also a great alternative that changes the look/cut altogether,” the pro says. “It doesn’t take away from the thickness at bottom, it adds a classic element and is a great look.” Consider this take on the cut, another example of the transformative power of bangs.

Source : www.instyle.com