5 NFL Players With The Best Hairstyles 2017

October 6, 2017by admin

We already know soccer players have some dashing haircuts but what about the athletes in the NFL?

1. Tom Brady

tom brady hairstyle

Tom Brady’s hairstyles here is a classic short cropped fauxhawk. This hairstyle works great on hair with 2-3 inches on top and some slight matte product to shape the fauxhawk.

2. Odell Beckham Jr

odel beckham jr hairstyle

Odell Beckham Jr’s hairstyle is perhaps one of the harder ones to replicate. Rocking a low-mid tapered fade, perfectly squared up hairline in the front and a fro-hawk on top with some added color makes his hairstyle the most iconic and unique currently in the NFL.

3. Russell Wilson

russel wilson nfl hairstyle

Russell Wilson’s haircut is a classic short crop with the sides shaved at a #1. This is a great classic men’s hairstyle that is timeless.

4. Emmanuel Sanders

Emmanuel Sanders haircut

Emmanuel Sander’s haircut is a mid fade with length on the top and sides. Not quite a fauxhawk but a perhaps a wider variation.

5. Demaryius Thomas

demaryius thomas haircut

Demaryius Thomas’s haircut is a disconnected frohawk with the sides cut very short and not faded in. A great variation to the classic faded frohawk as it gives a more grungy look.