14 Best Fall Hair Trends You Need To Slay Your Back To School Look

September 11, 2017by admin

As the fall approaches, you may be longing to switch up your hair color. I personally always looked forward to the start of each new school year to debut a new look. It was always the prime time to test out a fun, autumn-inspired makeover. Heck, who knows… maybe I’d even impress a crush I had been missing over the summer.

A great way to make your mark this season is to dye your locks a different color, or rock several new hairstyles. A new hairdo can drastically change your overall look. Whether it’s getting a simple updo or going for a trending cut and color, here are 14 of the best fall hair trends you need to try in order to slay your back to school look.

1. Pretty Pastel Strands

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There’s no denying mermaid hair is here to stay, but this is a very subtle take on the trend. Just a little hint of pastel color in a few strands makes a stunning statement. It looks so natural, you almost forget your hair is pink and purple.

2. Mermaid Length Locks

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In the summertime, many of us like to cut our hair short to cope with the heat. Now, in the fall, you may be letting your locks grow out. You want the length to keep you warm in the colder months. This mermaid length is also super glamorous.

3. Butterscotch Blonde

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 Butterscotch blonde is a nice mix of blonde and brown. It’s a perfect warm fall color. You’ll always be reminded of those pumpkin spice lattes you’ll be sipping on while chilling in the fall foliage.

4. Shaggy Bangs

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These bangs are super easy to maintain, because the messier, the better. They’re fun and will definitely look oh-so cute with braids or pigtails.

5. A Sleek Pony

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Low or high, nothing beats a sleek ponytail. I mean, come on, it’s a total classic. It’s simple, easy, and if you slick back the top, it adds sophistication to the whole look.

6. Messy Braids

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Braids are always in, but this fall, a messy braid is definitely the way to go… and you can rock it to so many occasions. This is a beautiful style that gives your hair such an Instagram-worthy flair. Work it, girl.

7. Platinum Blonde

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Charlize Theron doesn’t have to be the only Atomic Blonde this fall. You can go platinum, too, and totally crush the look. The blonde will instantly highlight your face, so all eyes will be on you as you walk through those doors.

8. Midi-Cut

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Can’t decide if you should go short or long? That’s fine, because the midi-cut is here to slay this fall. It’s short, but just long enough so you can throw it back into a messy bun for the gym.

9. Wispy Tendrils

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The 90s are in again, which is why letting little tendrils down to frame your face is a must. I think our girl Cher put it best in Clueless when she said, “It’s also very pretty when it’s all up with that curly tendrils.”

10. Put A Sweet Bow In It

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Choose a sleek and slender one, long and dangly, or a 90s velvet number. Bows are super adorable, and you can wear any bow you want. Add a polished bow look to any ponytail or half-up, half-down style.

11. Side Part

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Don’t underestimate the power of the part. An easy but very trendy look is a simple side part. You can wear your hair down, or have a side part with your slick ponytail. You can try a drastic off-to-the-side part, or just a little off-center side part.

12. Top Double Buns

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Very similar to Scary Spice’s look, these double buns were made for you this fall. You can curl your long locks at the end for the finishing touch.

13. Intricate Updo

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You want to make it look like it’s just an updo you threw together, but it’s seriously intricate AF. Add some loops and curls to your usual top knot to give it a classy look.

14. Fun Hair Clips

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What better way to show the 90s are back in town than wearing some butterfly clips in your hair? You can also grab some of your sparkly barrettes, or even just some bobby pins you have lying around. Anything you can add to your hair to give it a pop of color or shine is welcome.

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