15 Cute Back To School Hairstyles For Short Hair

September 6, 2017by admin

’ve gone through a lot of hair phases in my life. When I was in middle school, I used to have short, curly blonde hair. In high school, my hair was very long and I would straighten it every day. In college, I decided to go super short again, since it got cold out and I didn’t want to wait for my hair to take hours to dry (I am impatient, what can I say). Throughout these phases of my life, I have always tried to find the best way to wear my hair. Sure, some people are blessed with perfectly frizz-free hair that they can wear out with no issues. I, on the other hand, have to spend a long time to get Instagram-worthy hair. And I do that by spending hours on Pinterest, searching the best looks for my hair type.

I have to be honest, I am growing my hair out at the moment, so it’s not short right now. BUT, I have definitely tried most, if not all, of these hairstyles when my hair was super short. Since it is that time of year again where everyone will be looking for hair inspo for school, I decided to help out some of the short-haired girls.  Going back to school with a pretty hairstyle is just one way to help boost your confidence and make your first day/week/month back really amazing. And that’s super important!  Don’t believe me? Try out these super cute short hair looks for back to school, and be the ~queen~ of the hallways.

1. First of all, braids are perfect for back to school, since it will still probably be hot, and you’ll want your hair out of your face:



2. You can even do a braided updo for a more elegant look:


3. Have a relaxed braided look with this messy crown:



4.  Try some double space buns for a cool look:



5. Add a pop of color without having to totally dye your hair:


6. This super simple but elegant messy braid/bun:


7.  If you really want a drastic change, try getting some bangs:



8. Try out a cute hair accessory to help you stand out from the crowd:



9. If you want to go really short, try a chic and angular cut like this:



10. If you want a curly look, use a texturizing spray for more defined curls, then wear your hair in a drastic part:


11. Or tousle it for some crazy volume:


12. Pull your hair in a low pony and leave some pieces hanging out, for a ~cool girl~ vibe:


13. Add a hair band for a relaxed look:



14. If you’re trying to grow out bangs, keep them braided to the side so they stay out of your face, and run a curling iron through your hair for some beachy waves:



15. If you REALLY want to stand out, add glitter!


Source : www.gurl.com