5 beauty trends for Fall Winter 2017-2018 from MFW

August 9, 2017by admin
Another season is over, and so is our endless wandering from backstages to shows and back. We are basically playing as home team when following Milan Fashion Week, so it is even easier in this case for us to watch trends as they develop live. We tried to pick up on the prettiest beauty details we noticed at shows over the last few days, and most of all, we tried to identify the ones that seemed to recur most often: two is a coincidence, three is a trend! So, here are the 5 beauty trends for Fall Winter 2017-2018 that you really shouldn’t miss.messy-wavesWho said beach waves are only good for summer? They will be seen on everyone’s heads next winter, at least according to Fendi, Trussardi, Gucci, Max Mara and Ricostru… We have two tips for you, if you would like this hairstyle: the first one is that the winter version of beach waves doesn’t require volume at the roots, so kiss your texturing spray goodbye. The second tip is, your straightener will be your best your friend, to help you achieve that messy-but-not-messy look for your locks.

peachy-keenYou don’t need highlighters to lighten up your cheeks: what you need is an illuminating, peach-colored blush! This hue works with just about any skin tone, all you will have to do is adjust how much of it you will apply. On richer skin tones, try applying your favorite blush with a slightly moist sponge, to get a wet look.

the-scarf-tuckTechnically, this is more of a styling trend, rather than a beauty one. Either way, you shouldn’t miss it! Wrap your hair in your warmest scarf, it will make you look tremendously chic and never let you feel cold. This trend evolved from the famous “Céline tuck”, in which you tucked your hair inside your sweater’s neckline. It’s all about changing the layering!

touch-of-colorAnother makeup trend that encourages us to get delicately daring. The idea here is to add a touch of color in a very natural look, to liven it up a little. The color you pick doesn’t have to necessarily work with your outfit, actually, if you go for contrast, you will look terrific! Our favorite techniques? A touch of eyeliner or pencil, both on the upper and lower eyelids, to frame your gaze in an entirely new setting.

If you are regular readers, this is hardly news: low ponies were already on every catwalk in Spring Summer 2017, and it is cool to watch this style evolve into its more winter-friendly interpretations. The focus is on how you decide to lock your hairstyle: have a look at the ribbons by Philosophy, or at Vionnet’s beautiful twisted torchon-style locks.