Spring/ Summer 2017 Makeup Trends

June 12, 2017by admin

It seems to me that this year the makeup artists of the fashion world rebelled against mainstream beauty. This year’s runway was just as starkly marked by absence, as it was by presence. Gone were the thick eyebrows and graphic lips of yesteryear. Heavy cream contour was nowhere in sight.

The fashion makeup trends for spring 2017 are all about moving away from the heavy makeup style of Instagram. Instead, the spring and summer season will have makeup styles that are quick and effortless, and naturally beautiful.

The spring 2017 beauty trends aren’t just about natural – many of them are quite bold, and feature lots of color. The difference is that shadows and lipsticks were applied quickly – sharp edges and fleeky wings were given nearly zero consideration. Additionally, most of the bold colors and funky shapes were kept to minimal areas, while the rest of the face was done in the winning style of the season: extremely natural.

This is the season for the lazy girls, and the brave women, those who act quickly and spontaneously, those who decide to go all out with neon eyeshadows two minutes before leaving the house. Spring/ summer 2017 is the season of fearlessly flawful makeup, and the guts to bare it all.

#1. No Makeup Makeup

Sometimes, achieving that perfect no makeup makeup look takes just as long as that heavy makeup for a night out. Of all the gorgeous beauty looks we saw this year, the totally natural makeup look reigned supreme. This is more than just one of the spring 2017 makeup trends – this is a forever beauty trend.

Lanvin’s show was a perfect iteration of this makeup style, with the models wearing a full face of undetectable makeup. Their contour was perfectly blended, and their eyelashes never clumped together thanks to too much mascara. It was perfect execution of light handed application and blending that is always sure to flatter.

At Michael Kors, makeup artist Dick Page also stuck to the no makeup makeup look with most models, occasionally even skipping steps like lipstick and blush, making this beauty look very nude in color.

We also saw lovely no makeup makeup looks on the runways of Stella McCartney, and Alexander McQueen.

Spring/ Summer 2017 Makeup Trends: No Makeup Makeup

#2. No Powder, No Problems

The biggest of the spring/ summer 2017 makeup trends was all about skipping the powder. Almost everywhere we looked on the runway this year, we saw impossibly dewy skin that was completely powder free. I really hope this minimalist makeup trend catches on, because it’s beautiful and easy, and makes for an excellent departure from the oh-so-popular powder baking trend that leaves the skin looking super matte.

This decision to eschew setting and mattifying powders really stands out at Boss, where the models’ skin positively shone. We suspect that Pat McGrath may have even skipped foundation with some of the models, making the statement that bare is in.

Pat McGrath also skipped the powder and foundation at Givenchy, making full use of the fact that all the models walking the runway for this collection had flawless skin. Most of us don’t have model perfect skin, so a little concealer can go a long way.

We also saw naturally dewy models at Jil Sander, where the rest of the look was also quite minimalist, with just a touch of contour and lips in soft shades of peach and raspberry.

Other designers that jumped on the no powder train include Isabel Marant, Missoni, Gucci, and many others.

Spring/ Summer 2017 Makeup Trends: No Powder/ Dewy Skin Makeup

#3. Strobe Over Contour

As part of this minimalist trend, we’ve seen a lot of makeup artists spit in the face of the mainstream contour obsession. Instead, it was all about dewy highlights that really brought out the models’ best features, and created an ethereal effect.

For Roberto Cavalli, Pat McGrath favored a center of the face highlight, which she concentrated on the center of the forehead, down the nose, and right above the cupid’s bow – the effect was totally ethereal. For Valentino, on the other hand, she concentrated the highlight on the cheekbones, making it clear that a solid shimmer can totally eliminate the need for a contour powder.

Tom Pecheux designed Marni’s glossy highlights. He paid particular attention to the forehead, bridge of the nose, and chin, but also gave a touch of sheen to the cheekbones, creating a really natural and soft highlight that really called attention to the naturally sculpted features, without making them appear too sharp.

Spring/ Summer 2017 Makeup Trends: Strobing

#4. Soft, Warm Contour

While over most of the runway, minimal base makeup trends for summer 2017 reigned supreme, with highlight much more popular than contour, a few makeup artists weren’t willing to give it up. However, instead of a cool or reddish contour, the preference for yellow-based bronzers and neutral taupes was clear.

At Tibi the contour was very yellow-based, and likely one of the strongest on any of the runways. This matte color was applied only below the cheekbones, and only blended minimally. In some cases, the result was almost absurdly strong and very high fashion. Consider playing around with a yellow-brown bronzer, because it is perfect for summer, just please keep it a bit more subtle.

At Guy Laroche we saw a similar warm contour, paired with peachy blush. At Bottega Veneta we saw a neutral taupe contour that was well blended – this is a much more natural take on contour that still sculpts the faces of those of us not endowed with model-esque features, but is not obvious or overdone.

Here’s to hoping this style of face sculpting overtakes the Instagram contour trend, because it’s a faster application, and it looks much better in real life. We also saw some artists utilizing soft contour techniques at Topshop Unique, and Giorgio Armani.

Spring/ Summer 2017 Makeup Trends: Soft, Warm Contouring

#5. ‘80s Makeup Touches: Eyeshadow? Blush? What’s the Difference?

We saw a touch of the Eighties coming back with the spring/ summer 2017 makeup trends, as really bold eyeshadow was swept from the crease, all the way past the eyebrows, and into the temples and tops of the cheeks. I adore this kind of blurring of the definitions – why does it matter if it says blush or eyeshadow on the packaging? If the color is right, apply it wherever it’ll look good!

At Max Mara the shadows all over the face effect was achieved in a variety of bright colors, like yellows, reds, greens, and blues. For a few of the looks, Tom Pecheux skipped the eyes altogether, and painted the eyeshadow like war-paint on the models’ cheekbones.

At Kenzo all the models had a pinkish red color applied in a semi circle, from the outer corner of their lids, into their temples, and the top of their cheekbones. The blush draping trend was monochromatic, with the lips painted a similar shade of red. The overall effect was a little Chinese opera, and a little Moulin Rouge.

On the Adam Selman runway we saw a much softer version of this style, with pink eyeshadow adorning the models’ lids, temples, and cheekbones, and the rest of their faces softly highlighted. It was by far the most wearable version of this spring 2017 beauty trend.

We also saw similar extended ’80s eyeshadow looks on the Chanel and Louis Vuitton catwalks.

Spring/ Summer 2017 Makeup Trends: '80s Makeup/ Blush Draping

Spring/ Summer 2017 Makeup Trends: '80s Makeup/ Blush Draping

#6. Face Art Galore

Every season, a few designers have to really jump out of the box, and do something unusual with the makeup. Surprisingly, the face art that made up so many of the spring/ summer 2017 makeup trends was subtle and beautiful. I think some of these gorgeous face art looks could even be adapted towards the every day style.

At Issey Miyake, patterns of white circles snaked their way around the models’ otherwise clean and natural looking faces. At Giamba, some of the models sported silver circle and U designs on their foreheads, while others got touches of silvers along the ears.

Channel your inner artist by drawing small, circular designs below the outer corner of the eye, or along the temples, for a really unique evening out look!

Spring/ Summer 2017 Makeup Trends: Face Art

#7. Bringing Nature to the Runway

Both makeup artist Val Garland for Preen by Thornton Bregazzi and James Kaliardos for Rosie Assoulin decided to stick some colorful dried flowers unto their models’ faces. Val Garland went all out, snaking the delicate flowers along the models’ necks, and up unto their foreheads, while James Kaliardos kept it smaller, by sticking dried petals to the outer corners of the models’ eyes.

This kind of style utilizes the beauty of nature in an unexpected way, and while it is certainly unusual, it is just so soft and pretty that I don’t see a reason why it couldn’t work in day-to-day life.

To try out more daring spring 2017 makeup trends like this one, you can try to keep it small, like gluing just a couple of dried petals either to your eyes, or along the cheekbone. Alternatively, you can try to mimic the look of dried petals with eyeshadow!

Spring/ Summer 2017 Makeup Trends: Floral Face Art

#8. Bold and Graphic Eyeshadow

Colorful, graphic eyeshadow is an opportunity for the makeup artists of the runway to showcase their creativity, steady hand, and ability to work with color. This season, some graphic eyeshadow styles were the same from model to model, making for very impressive cohesion on the runway.

This cohesion was especially beautiful on the Haider Ackermann runway, where all models sported bright yellow arrows at the outer corner of their eyes, with white accents in their inner corners.

At Emilio Pucci most models were made up in the predominant nude makeup style of the season, but a few received graphic smudges of green, purple, and black.

For Maison Margiela, makeup artist Pat McGrath went all out, perhaps making up for her extreme restraint during the rest of the fashion week. A few of the models walked the runway with graphic, bright, and shimmery eye makeup looks in lavenders, baby blues, yellows, and whites.

Spring/ Summer 2017 Makeup Trends: Bold Graphic Eye Makeup

Spring/ Summer 2017 Makeup Trends: Bold Graphic Eye Makeup

#9. Frosted Eyeshadows

Many of the spring/ summer 2017 makeup trends are all about texture rather than color, and this season one of the predominant eyeshadow finishes is the frosty jewel tone. Hopefully, this officially signals the death of the matte eye, and brings back much needed shine, luxury, and radiance.

At Jill Stuart, we saw contrasting frosted shades of orangey-red and jewel toned indigo on the beautiful models’ lids. At Armani, the look was very soft and wearable, with sapphire blue eyeliner smudged thickly onto the models’ upper lash lines.

Francois Nars designed the makeup look for the Marc Jacobs show this year, giving all the models a beautiful garnet smokey eye that would especially suit those with green eyes.

At Anna Sui we saw a similar look, but with a frosty shade of burgundy that from a distance actually looked copper. It was a very feminine take on the usually edgier smokey eye.

Interject just a touch of the jewel studded style into your makeup with a garnet or sapphire blue eyeliner, or go for a classic look with a jewel toned eyeshadow swept over the lid, and a darker matte shade in the crease.

Spring/ Summer 2017 Makeup Trends: Frosted Eyeshadows

#10. Pastel Eye Makeup

The matte finish for eyeshadow has not completely disappeared from the makeup trends of spring 2017, but rather than previous years’ ubiquitous matte beiges and taupes, this year the predominant shades are all soft ‘50s-esque pastels.

At Byblos, the models whose eyes were not covered with massive sunglasses, sported cheerful pastel shades of blue, teal, yellow, and pink from lid to crease. At Hermes most models sported a matte shade of lavender, also from lid to crease, along with another trend of the season: liner only on the lower lashes.

At Jeremy Scott, pastel shades of lavender, teal, and orange were painted unto the models’ eyes in a really interesting cat’s eye. At Delpozo all models sported a feminine shade of pastel pink, while at Vanessa Seward pale blue with black in the crease was the pastel look of choice.

To avoid looking too twee, give the pastel makeup trend a try either with a modern looking cat eye, like on the Jeremy Scott runway, or simply keep it to lid with just a touch of mascara – skip the eyeliner, unless you want to look like the first season of Mad Men.

Spring/ Summer 2017 Makeup Trends: Pastel Eye Makeup

#11. Subtle Smokey Eye Makeup

A smokey eye is a true classic, and if all we were seeing this season was traditional smokey eyes, maybe it wouldn’t count as one of the spring/ summer 2017 makeup trends. However, the smokey eyes of this upcoming season are light, subtle, and mostly kept around the lash line – the kind of smokey eye hastily drawn on in the car, to bring a day look to night when heading to the bar straight from the office.

On the runways of Carolina Herrera and Elie Saab, the smoked out effect was kept strictly to the wing – black eyeliner was applied with a pencil, and then makeup artists used a smudge brush and a touch of black eyeshadow to create a simple smokey effect. To keep the eyes big and open for Elie Saab, Tom Pecheux kept the liner on the lower lash line strictly on the outside half of the eye.

For Balmain, the smokey effect was also reserved for the eyeliner, which went all around the eyes, both in the waterline and outside it. Some models’ eyes were kept round, while others had smokey wings, similar to the eye look at Carolina Herrera. We also saw the subtle smoked eyeliner look on the Christopher Kane, Rag & Bone runway.

Spring/ Summer 2017 Makeup Trends: Subtle Smokey Eye Makeup

Spring/ Summer 2017 Makeup Trends: Subtle Smokey Eye Makeup

Spring/ Summer 2017 Makeup Trends: Subtle Smokey Eye Makeup

#12. Glossy Eyes

Will glossy eyes ever fall out of favor with the high fashion makeup artist crowd? Alas, this is going to be one of the spring/ summer 2017 makeup trends, as well. It’s no surprise, since gloss is easy to apply, and it looks positively mesmerizing and fresh. Only drawback? It is very difficult to keep it from creasing throughout the day.

At Nina Ricci the glossy eyeshadow trend was quite colorful, with the models’ eyes painted in shades of teal, peach, and purple. At Missoni, the models’ eyes were kept warm and wet, with a glossy orange eyeshadow look that blended into some shimmer in the crease. A similar choice was made at Stella Jean with some of the models, while others sported a nude glossy eye makeup look.

For Altuzarra, Tom Pecheux gave the models glossy lids, and smokey black eyeliner, thereby showcasing two of the big spring 2017 beauty trends.

At Marchesa and Marni we saw just a hint of glossy shine applied to the models’ lids. In Marni’s case, this went very well with the models’ dewy faces, while at Marchesa the eyes contrasted with fairly matte skin. The glossy eyes are versatile, no matter whether you prefer a soft or edgy style.

Spring/ Summer 2017 Makeup Trends: Glossy Eye Makeup

Spring/ Summer 2017 Makeup Trends: Glossy Eye Makeup

#13. Blue Eyeshadow

I’ll be honest here – this is probably my least favorite of the spring/ summer 2017 makeup trends. For years high fashion makeup artists are trying to make blue eyeshadow happen, and every year I hope they fail because blue eyeshadow is just so hard to pull off. However, if your skin is perfectly neutral, and your blending skills are flawless, by all means give this trend a try.

The artists at Leitmotiv played with blue in a very cohesive way: a clean stripe of royal blue was drawn along the eye creases of every model, in a solid line.
At Ports 1961, we also saw cohesion. A brighter shade of periwinkle blue was applied to the models’ lids, and then pulled up to the upper corner of the crease in an effect that was almost a cat eye look.

At Christian Siriano the makeup artists took a similar tactic, although the blue eyeshadow used was more sky blue, and the outer corner was extended slightly.

I’ve already mentioned the sapphire blue eyeshadow used to accent Armani’s collection, and there were also quite a few models sporting blue eyeshadow on the Victoria Beckham catwalk. Vanessa Seward’s models stood out, with a risky pairing of blue eyeshadow and red lips.

Spring/ Summer 2017 Makeup Trends: Blue Eyeshadow

Spring/ Summer 2017 Makeup Trends: Blue Eyeshadow

#14. Warm Statement Eyeshadow

I might hate blue, but I really appreciate the makeup trends of summer 2017 that utilize really bright, neon shades of red and orange. These warm and bright shades are super fun, and there is no risk of looking dated!

On the runway of Salvatore Ferragamo, models sported glossy stripes of bright red or orange directly on the crease, which created a real statement effect when contrasted with their otherwise natural makeup look.

For Wunderkind, the makeup artists also stuck to oranges and reds, but the eyeshadow was applied only on the outer corners of the eye, and extended outwards slightly in a wing, for a slightly futuristic effect.

You can channel just the essence of the red and orange eyeshadow look, by using it as an eyeliner accent, or go all out with bright colors from lash to crease!

Spring/ Summer 2017 Makeup Trends: Warm Statement Eyeshadow

#15. Liner Only On the Lower Lashes

Few makeup looks say “don’t mess with me” as much as dark liner on the lower lash line. This is a lovely addition to our collection of makeup trends for summer 2017, because it creates a big effect while being extremely easy to achieve.

At Narciso Rodriguez we saw a marginally friendlier take on the underline style, because makeup artist Dick Page kept the liner outside the water line, and only on the outer half of the lash line. This made for an effect that, while still a touch dark and mysterious, also opened up the eye very nicely.

At Hermes the effect of the eyeliner was full-force grunge, thanks to a heavy handed and smokey application both in the waterline and below the lashes. The lavender pastel shadow on the lid contrasted with the lower liner, to create an effect that emphasized the darkness rather than softening it.

At Chloe copper eyeliner was used just in the waterline for a soft grunge effect. At Olympia Le-Tan we saw true high-fashion underlining that featured black eyeliner both on the waterline and below the lashes, and even extended into a wing.

Spring/ Summer 2017 Makeup Trends: Eyeliner on the Lower Lash Line

#16. Cool-Highlighted Inner Corners

One of the benefits of the natural beauty trends of spring/ summer 2017 is that little touches of glamour here and there really stand out. That is one of the reasons why highlighted inner corners of the eye are likely one of the most luxurious makeup trends of the season. This time around there were no champagne or gold highlights to be seen, artists choosing silvery and frosty beige shades instead.

At Versace, makeup artist Pat McGrath used a cool touch of silver shimmer to really open up the models’ eyes. At the Band of Outsiders show, the highlighting at the corner of the eye was similarly cool toned, and it was paired with a thin line of black in the model’s waterline.

At the Jason Wu show, all models that weren’t blessed with red lips received instead a touch of shimmery beige inner corner highlight, while at Elie Saab the smokey winged eyeliner contrasted against a similar beige shimmer.

Spring/ Summer 2017 Makeup Trends: Cool Highlight on the Inner Eye Corner

#17. No Mascara for the Pale Girls

Those with sensitive eyes, rejoice! As part of the minimalist set of spring/ summer 2017 makeup trends, a lot of makeup artists were skipping mascara, especially on models with naturally pale eyelashes.

At Acne Studios and Vera Wang, the effect was magical and elven, especially on the blonde and red-haired models. There was also no mascara to be seen on the models at Gucci, where the effect was even more striking because many of their eyebrows had been bleached.

At Vivienne Westwood this decision especially stood out, because many of the pale models received messy looking eyeliner or black eyeshadow applications, which lead to a look that would likely only work on the runway. We also saw skipped mascara at the Proenza Schouler and Alexander Wang fashion shows.

Spring/ Summer 2017 Makeup Trends: No Mascara

#18. Thick Brows Brushed Up

Makeup artists this season kept it easy on the eyebrow pomade, opting for the softer look of a gentle sweep of eyebrow powder. Forget the fleek, it was all about the gentle slope of natural hairs.

What was key this spring/ summer season was naturally thick eyebrows brushed up for a clean and natural, yet thick and luscious look that is not obviously made up. This definitely kept in line with the overall minimalist theme of the summer 2017 makeup trends.

For Giambattista Valli, Val Garland brushed all the models’ eyebrows up (without even trimming), really emphasizing the thickness and fullness of them. Peter Philips took a note from the same book, keeping Christian Dior’s models’ eyebrows clean and brushed, but otherwise fairly bare, aside from a very light sweep of powder.

Makeup artist Diane Kendal for Thakoon kept the brows thick, brushed, and messy as well, but instead of pairing it with an almost no makeup look, she gave the models some pink blush and a hint of smokey brown eyeliner.

This spring/ summer season, consider tossing your Dipbrow and skipping your waxing appointment, and instead invest in a spooley for your brows.

Spring/ Summer 2017 Makeup Trends: Naturally Bushy Eyebrows

#19. Bee-Stung Lips

The spring/ summer 2017 makeup trends included less of the in your face lipsticks of the past. Instead, most makeup artists preferred leaving lips bare. Whether it was with a bit of tinted lip balm, or just the natural beauty of the models, full, bee-stung lips reigned on the runway.

We saw this nude yet full style on the Antonio Berardi runway, where I suspect more than a hint of lip plumper was used on most of the models. At Rodarte, the effect of bee-stung lips was achieved with what looks like a bit of subtle lip stain, and a lot of very natural-looking lip liner to make the lips appear larger.

At John Galliano, while some models received a touch of lip tint, most were left without any product on their lip, which really showed off that different women have naturally different lip colors. Lipstick was also eschewed at Isabel Marant and Givenchy.

Spring/ Summer 2017 Makeup Trends: Bee-Stung Lips

#20. Red Lips

Red lips are a classic, but unlike previous years’ big matte red lips, the red lip makeup trends of spring 2017 are a little more understated, wearable, and easier to achieve. Also of note is the fact that we’re not seeing as much matte red lips – the satin lipstick finish is back in vogue, along with a ton of sheen everywhere else on the face!

The most important red lip look of the season was crafted by makeup superstar Pat McGrath for Dolce & Gabbana, where the red lips had a distinctly cool undertone, and were paired with a tiny sweep of black liquid liner on the upper lash line for a romantic effect.

While most models for Giambattista Valli and Simone Rocha wore a makeup look that was dewy and natural, a few models stood out with berry red lips that had just the slightest bit of a sheen. At Jason Wu we had a similar makeup situation happening, but makeup artist Yadim broke the cool-tone mold by utilizing an orangey red lipstick color instead.

Makeup artist Lynsey Alexander for Mary Katrantzou wouldn’t choose, so models walked the runway with loud matte lips in reddish orange, magenta, and apple red.

The look at Carolina Herrera was already mentioned for subtle smokey eyes, but there were also impressively glossy red pouts daringly paired with the darker eye look. Even more daring was the red lip at Vanessa Seward, since the makeup artists there also jumped on the blue eyeshadow trend.

Spring/ Summer 2017 Makeup Trends: Red Lips

Spring/ Summer 2017 Makeup Trends: Red Lips

#21. Glittery and Shimmery Lips

The last of the spring/ summer 2017 makeup trends is a versatile one. Depending on how you choose to do the glittery and shimmery lip trends you can be the very vision of high fashion avant-garde, or you might just look a little more dewy and fancy than usual.

The most extreme version of the glitter lips showed up on the fabulous DKNY runway, where the models’ lips were studded with large chunks of glitter, while their eyes were fiercely winged. At Maison Martin Margiela, we saw some of the models’ lips covered in fine glitter, and looking like shimmery sci-fi beings.

Fendi showcased the most wearable version of the style, with just a hint of gold shimmer applied in the cupid’s bow and in the center of the otherwise maroon lips, which created a lovely 3D effect.

Spring/ Summer 2017 Makeup Trends: Glittering Lips

Which spring/ summer 2017 trends did you love this season? Which trends weren’t your cup of tea? Are you also looking forward to a minimalist makeup season?

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