10 Must-Follow YouTube Channels for Hair Tutorials

March 20, 2017by admin

Hollywood stars seem to have it all — fun jobs, great wardrobes and, of course, fabulous hair. Whether it’s a fancy updo at a gala or something quick and simple to sport around town, their looks always seem effortlessly glamorous. But when it comes time for the rest of us to try and recreate those ‘dos at home, let’s just say it isn’t always such a piece of cake. Luckily, we don’t have to give in to basic buns and ponytails — YouTube can help! We’ve taken the work out of sorting and searching and found the best YouTube channels to follow for fabulous hair tips, tutorials and styles.

1. Kayley Melissa: This girl seriously has everything you could possibly be looking for; casual looks, elaborate designs and hairstyles fit for royalty (yes, she totally recreates Kate Middleton styles!). Her tutorials are simple and super easy to follow, and she’s particularly known for her braids. (via Kayley Melissa)

2. Cute Girls Hairstyles: The name says it all! These hairstyles are definitely cute and fun. There’s an entire section on five to 10-minute hairstyles, and if you’re really pressed for time, a section on three-minute ‘dos too. (via Cute Girls Hairstyles)

3. Luxy Hair: This gal doesn’t just show you how to braid your hair and create updos. The channel also has videos on the best ways to wear flower crowns, the right way to use extensions and what to do on bad hair days. (via Luxy Hair)

4. Lilith Moon: Lilith is a model for hair salons in Paris, and she shares all of the tips and techniques she’s picked up throughout her career in her videos with YouTubers worldwide. (via Lilith Moon)

5. Claire Ashley: This beauty and style maven just celebrated her fifth year on YouTube and has over 120,000 subscribers. Her videos are clear and relatable, and she loves to teach ladies how to recreate the ‘dos and looks of all the hottest celebs. (via Claire Ashley)

6. Bebexo: With over 100 videos to choose from, you’ll definitely be able to find a style you love. Bebexo’s tutorials are entertaining and a little quirky, featuring styles like a giant hair bow. (via Bebexo)

7. Cinthia Truong: Cinthia’s channel is insanely popular, and for good reason. She showcases unique styles that may look complicated, but are actually really straightforward, thanks to her comprehensive instructions. (via Cinthia Truong)

8. The Beauty Department: Let’s all admit it — sometimes we have trouble with the basics. This channel takes stars’ to-die-for looks, like Lauren Conrad’s famous waves, and breaks them down so you can achieve them, too. (via The Beauty Department, photo via You Put It On)

9. Imogen of Foxy Locks: This channel is especially great for girls with shorter hair, since vlogger Imogen dedicates many of her videos to the use of hair extensions. (via Foxy Locks)

10. Alex Centomo: Dealing with her own luscious, long locks has helped Alex become a pro at taming thick hair. She loves to do new things with braids and waves that are perfect to rock during the summer. (via Alex Centomo)

Source : www.brit.co