8 New Hair Colors to Try for Spring

March 10, 2017by admin

Celebrity colorists weigh in.

When the seasons change, switching up your skincare regimen and rethinking your makeup is a must, but a hair color update is also worth considering as the weather warms. As with most important life choices, we look to celebrities and the Insta-famous for guidance, so we’ve provided the necessary star power to help you pick your new hair color. But we also polled the pros to give you real practical advice.

Chocolate Brown

While warmer temps may temp you to lighten up, colorist Marie Robinson suggests going to the opposite side of the spectrum with chocolate brown. “I think this hair color will be big because it doesn’t compete with spring’s bright colors, and bold prints fashion trends,” explains Robinson. Plus, the “cool, deep color looks so beautiful against all skin tones.”

If you’re blond and want to dip your toe into the reds, Robinson recommends trying strawberry golden blonde. “It adds color to skin and creates a warm golden glow even if you don’t tan,” notes Robinson.

Hot Streaks

On the better off red front, Redken Creative Consultant Tracey Cunningham predicts the color is “going to dominate the spring color trend, especially as we head into awards season with so many redheads being nominated.” For those who already red, she suggests changing things up by “adding some babylights to transition into the warmer months.”

Sunny Side Up

For perma-blondes, it’s time to consider doubling down on the bleach. “Blondes are always popular for spring too, and I love adding highlights to frame the face and give a brighter look,” says Cunningham. Celeb colorist Sharon Dorram adds, “Start with a golden blonde base, whether it’s natural or from a single process color, and then ask your colorist for golden blond and baby blond highlights and to go slightly lighter on the ends.”

Just Like Honey

Not quite brown, not quite blonde, this “classic neutral suits everyone,” says Dorram. “Honey hair can have many variations but I think we’ll be seeing a more soft, one tone honey blonde this season.” Prefer something a littler deeper but no less sweet? Greg Ruggeri, owner of Salon Ruggeri, suggests burnt caramel. “Starting from a warmer brunette at the roots, the speckling of color gradually makes it way to the very tips.”

A Better Blend

Be less obvious when it comes to highlights. “Whether you’re a blonde or brunette, “deeper roots and multi-dimensional ends will still be a trend, but with less contrast between the tones, making a softer, less harsh,” says Lucie Doughty, John Paul Mitchell Systems Editorial Director.

Au Natural

Even if you’re not a born blonde, consider spring the right time to fake it. “A more rooted natural blonde will still make you feel modern and fresh in the new year,” says Kari Hill, L’Oréal Paris Celebrity Colorist. “Doing this draws your eye to bright ends while keeping dimension at the root.”

White Hot

Say subtlety isn’t your thing plus you’re cool with being high-maintenance, then high impact platinum is an excellent option. “Going much lighter and significantly brighter will definitely be a trend,” reports Hill. “It’s a bigger commitment all around but makes a serious statement.”

Source : www.elle.com