December 1, 2016by admin

Heat up your hair game as the temperatures drop.

From a boyish take on a pretty pixie to long layers and ’60s bangs, here are the every-length cuts everyone will be asking for this winter.

Ruby Rose

Somewhere between a longish pixie and shortish bob lies this cheekbone length cut. (Tapering and shaving the neck gives it a polished and personal feel).

Taylor Swift

This short little shag has lightly feathered ends that provide a pleasing contrast with the thick sweep of side bangs.

Alexa Chung

The longest pieces of Chung’s above-the-shoulder bob are actually in the back, with the front pieces angled upwards around the face. The result is a cut that looks choppy and unfussy any which way.

Kylie Jenner

If you follow Kylie, you know seeing her real hair is rare—which is a shame seeing as how last time we checked, it was a sleek and stunning one-length bob that hugged her chin just so.

Stacy Martin

Martin’s bangs are shortest at the center of her forehead, but even there, they still fall way below her eyebrows; the longest pieces fade into the length downwards from her cheekbones.

Jennifer Lawrence

Victoria Beckham did the whole A-line bob thing first; Lawrence’s take feels modern because it’s parted on the side in soft waves.

Cara Delevingne

This crop is a study in the art of simplicity: Single-length, shoulder-grazing strands become transcendent when the ends are point-cut for extra movement.

January Jones

The best way to describe this cut is by calling it a long shag. Layers are blunt, choppy, and scattered throughout her entire head.

Chrissy Teigen

Blunt ends fall just below the shoulders and they don’t look heavy thanks to graduated layers in front.

Jessica Alba

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with a one-length cut—especially if your hair is thick and healthy. Snipping into the ends just so will prevent the style from looking drab.