Beyoncé Rocked Badass Braids at the 2016 BET Awards

June 28, 2016by admin

We know Beyoncé is fierce AF, but she took it to a new level at the 2016 BET Awards. While she skipped the red carpet, she surprised fans by performing “Freedom” on stage with Kendrick Lamar. She looked stunning in her typical stage leotard ensemble, but it was her braids that got us talking. Beyoncé center parted her long locks, wearing braids that spilled into tight curls. The style was perfect for the dramatic hair flips she incorporates in her dancing. Because she performed in water (so hot!), her makeup was minimal. Instead of a heavy smoky eye, she focused on glowing, dewy skin so that there were no mascara smears. To keep things polished, she pulled it all together with a deep-mauve lip color. Keep reading to see more images of Beyoncé’s badass beauty look at the BET Awards!