Denim Hair Is Here So You Can Match Your Hair Colour To Your Jeans

April 26, 2016by admin

Hey guys, guess what? 2016 is throwing another hair trend at us. And this time, it’s inspired by your jeans.

Presenting denim hair, everyone:

Yes, it’s true! If you’ve ever thought, “Hey, I’d love to match my hair to my pants,” then this hair trend is for you.

Whether it’s your faded-to-perfection skinnies, dark wash bell-bottoms or acid-washed straight leg, denim hair is almost as good as your boyfriend (jeans). The look, pulled off by Instagram’s coolest girls, has been taking over social media with its mixtures of blues, greys and whites.

Just take a look:

So if you’re more of a “jeans type of girl,” this 2016 trend is definitely for you!

And if you’re not into your hair looking like a pair of jeans, you always have fine art hair, watercolour hair, colour melting, tinsel hair and other great 2016 trends to fall back on. The options are endless!

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