10 Tips For Having the Best Hair Day Ever

April 7, 2016by admin

There are times when an endless stream of good hair days seems like an out-of-reach dream. Those moments are commonly known as bad hair days, which usually end up requiring a hair tie and a hat. But with all the styling resources and cool products currently available, we figured it wasn’t too much of a tall order to want to wake up with perfect hair — on the daily, and forever.

For the secrets to shiny, healthy, gorgeous hair, we interviewed a trio of our favorite celebrity stylists, and compiled their collective advice into this master list. Their wisdom ranges from  the familiar (like using a thermal protectant every time you pick up those heat tools, natch) to the brilliantly unexpected. Read on for the 10 best tips and tricks we learned from Orlando Pita,Lacy Redway, and Sarah Potempa.

There’s no such thing as too much texture.
If your hair has a tendency to fall flat, a single product should be able to fix that for you. “Use dry shampoo,” advises Orlando. (Note: this also works with beach and texture sprays, so grab whatever you have on hand.) Spritz at the roots, flip your head over, and work the product into your hair with your fingers for a tousled, pumped-up look. He also pointed us toward his newMax Capacity Hybrid Hairspray: “It’s a texture spray with the properties of a dry shampoo, and it won’t leave hair with a dull appearance.”

Think thermal.
Curling irons, blow-dryers, and straighteners are great for switching up your style, but they can also fry your hair. To prevent damage, Orland recommends always using a thermal protectant. “My go-to is High Spirited Weightless Leave-in Conditioner followed by Body Breakthrough,” he says. Effective thermal protectants will hydrate your hair and shield it from the damaging effects of high heat.

Choose your part.
In general, go with how your hair falls naturally, for the simple reason that it makes for the easiest styling. “Just make sure that the part you create doesn’t fight with a cowlick,” adds Orlando. For a more modern vibe: “I would say keep your part off-center and just slightly to one side.”

Hydrate for health.
When caring for extra-dry or natural hair textures, always think in terms of hydration. “Natural hair tends to be dryer than other textures,” notes Lacy, who recommends specifically formulated products like Carol’s Daughter Healthy Hair Butter. Avoid sulfate-laden shampoos that strip hair, and reduce the frequency of washes. “Shampooing natural hair too frequently strips it of its natural oils and causes it to appear dry,” she says. Instead, try co-washing withSheaMoisture Coconut & Hibiscus Co-Wash Cleanser, and follow up with a leave-in conditionerfor maximum moisture. For the DIY-minded, try Lacy’s go-to pantry ingredients (coconut and olive oils) for a pre-shower hair mask or light, leave-in treatment.

Sleep on silks (seriously!).
While sleeping on silks sounds appealing for the luxury factor alone, there’s also a practical upside to the habit. “Using a silk pillowcase or a satin hair bonnet is a great way to keep your hair moisturized at night,” explains Lacy. You won’t have any trouble finding silk bedding at high-end price points, but for an affordable satin option, try Morning Glamour’s sleep-friendly set.

Get hands-on.
Sometimes, effective styling is as simple as a quick comb-through with your fingers. In fact, Lacy recommends reducing your usage of combs and brushes to detangle natural hair. “Always try to detangle with your fingers first,” she advises. “If you need a little more help, use a wide-tooth comb.” As a bonus, ditching the brush is a total time-saver in the morning — buying you a few extra minutes to snooze.

Care for your color.
Those with colored strands know that they often require extra care. Step one: moisture. “GrabAussie 3 Minute Miracle and deep-condition your hair once or twice a week,” says Sarah. “Doing so will lock in the moisture and leave your hair silky smooth.” Step two: maintenance. “Talk to your colorist about doing an at-home clear gloss between color appointments,” she advises.

Learn some shortcuts.
The trick to styling short hair starts with the cut. “With a good haircut, you can add mousse to enhance the natural wave pattern in seconds,” explains Sarah. “You do this simply by scrunching the hair up and twisting it away from the face.” If your style seems to be working against you, get rid of frizz and smooth everything out with a flat iron. For quick fixes throughout the day, she likes carrying a mini straightener with her.

Try these smooth moves.
The secret to hair as sleek as an otter’s is to avoid tangles at all costs. Conditioning your ends is a good start, as is going over the hair with a paddle brush. Sarah recommends wearing styles like braids or smooth buns — and sleeping on them overnight — to get a jump-start on smooth strands in the morning. If you’re after a pin-straight look, skip this step, which will automatically result in heatless waves.

Think long term.
Long-lasting hairdos get an automatic thumbs up from us. “Spend the extra 15 minutes on the first day, and your hair will continue to look incredible with minor touch-ups,” says Sarah. She taught us how to extend beachy waves throughout the week with her aptly named invention,the Beachwaver. Create your foundation of loose curls on day one, which will transition into relaxed waves on day two. For days three and four, you can either take advantage of the existing texture and create braids — or add dry shampoo and throw hair up into a textured ponytail. How’s that for maximizing your style?

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